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The retrofitting of the thermal building envelope in compliance with current energy standards is one of our core competencies, along with the shell of the building. The refurbishment of old buildings essentially includes an assessment of the current situation as a basis for planning. Based on this, the building target can be planned with the help of a jointly developed renovation concept and additional construction measures, such as conversion (floor plan change), extension, expansion or addition of storeys can be derived.

The renovation works include:

  • Energetic facade renovation with replacement of windows or preservation and refurbishment of old wooden windows or box-type windows.
  • Thermal insulation on a natural basis using mineral-bound thermal insulation materials
  • Use of ecological-natural building materials (such as wood, clay, natural stones, meadow grass, sheep's wool, hemp, coconut).
  • Selection and installation of technical equipment tailored to the overall concept

What distinguishes the GREEN WORKERS?

  • Advice on the Funding of Clean Energies
  • Considering renewable Energy Sources for Refurbishment
  • Large Variety of Models
  • Short Construction Time
  • Predominantly Dry Construction
  • Ideal Indoor Climate
  • Suitable for Allergy Sufferers
  • Effectively screens out Electrosmog
  • Short Transport Distances

Every Revolution starts with a single Idea.

  • GREEN WORKERS tries to be in harmony with nature.
  • GREEN WORKERS takes you to a glorious future.
  • GREEN WORKERS offers ecological and modern solutions for sanitation, cleaning and green spaces.
  • Become a part of the movement!

Dušan Jovanović (CEO):

"With my Company I try to steer the Service Industry in a new Direction. A Direction that is GREEN and promising for future generations. There are environmentally friendly alternatives:
From Detergents to Facades.
The big grey concrete deserts in the cities are neither livable nor lovable for humans or animals. Reforestation or green roofs can easily create a more pleasant feel-good climate."


Awareness of Nature


Well thought out Solutions

Dušan Jovanović - Geschäftsführer Green Workers