About Us

Today, GREEN WORKERS is the leading construction company for sustainability and resource conservation in one of the most interesting growth markets in the world.

Our portfolio covers all parts in the project value chain and offers products and services at the highest international level.

With a focus on sustainability and resource conservation, our clear goal is to create lasting value.

GREEN WORKERS employs 32 professionals on a permanent basis, supported by short-term staff as needed to meet project demands.

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Our Vision

GREEN WORKERS is a different kind of construction company. We're modern, building projects in a collaborative team environment using innovative techniques to increase productivity, reduce costs and give clients the best project possible.

We do things differently: and we do it right from the start. We integrate ecological and eco-friendly materials wherever possible, working with a strong social and ethical core to provide our clients with honest, knowledge-based and high-quality solutions. In this way, we aim to maintain sustainable growth.


for nature is our strength!


We give a voice to animals and the environment.


Equality for humans and animals.


No living creature should prevail another.


is our religion.


Dušan Jovanović:

"As the CEO and owner of GREEN WORKERS, I quickly realized that progress cannot be stopped and with it the unnecessary waste of resources! For this reason, I would like to steer progress in a different direction. A direction that is promising and offers a future for our environment and descendants. The focus of our work is to inspire the customer for sustainability and to show new 'old' methods. With full conviction, we will achieve this goal because we are a team of enthusiasts who have made their profession a lifestyle."

Ask us and we will find individual and innovative solutions for your project!